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Your Dream Destination

Your Dream Destination

BALI Destination Wedding!  Destination Weddings, Elopements, Commitments, Same-Sex and Renewal of Vows ceremonies have become ever so popular! They can be more intimate and relaxed and you get to spend some special holiday time with family and your closest friends - not too much time as it is also your honeymoon! But who is to say you can't go all out with a glamorous affair on half the budget you would have spent at home! There are stunning resorts and venues, including private villas, that will cater to your every destination dream ceremony desire!

So what's your destination dream ceremony? If it's Bali, I travel to Bali for leisure at least once a year and try to tie in any bookings during the trip - saving you extra/exclusive celebrant fees! Why Bali? Its a close tropical paradise and known as the land of smiles because of its friendly, welcoming people, beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains and is rich in culture and arts! And or if you prefer another tropical destination such as Fiji or Thailand, sure, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME, let's chat and work something out!

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations, what an exciting time in your lives, you are getting married! Together you have decided on a date and you are about to start the journey of planning and creating your unique and special day — your wedding ceremony, a celebration of two individuals coming together as a couple. 

YES! Marriage equality in Australia is now law! On the 7 Dec 2017, Australia became ever so proud - a massive affirmation! Young, old and everyone in-between Australian's joined together to achieve this historic and momentous event! LGBTI Australians can now be truly seen as they are; equally loving, committed, meaningful and worthy of being recognised to marry.  Let's celebrate your LOVE together, because LOVE does not discriminate and neither do I! Love is Love!  

Choosing a Celebrant is an important decision and it would be an absolute honour and privilege for me to be a part of your incredible union, celebrating the journey of your love and unique relationship. As your Celebrant, guided by my experience, I will take care of all the ceremony details and make sure that all of your visions and dreams are realised and accomplished. We will work together to create a unique ceremony inspired by your wishes for the day. 

The ceremony is about YOU, YOUR love, let’s together make it a story! Let the story be seen through YOUR eyes and told from YOUR heart!  

CONTACT ME and let's together create a ceremony to your heart’s desire!   


Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony

There are many couples that have a Commitment Ceremony who do not wish to marry, or may not be able to marry for religious, cultural, or other personal reasons. The difference in this Commitment Ceremony is that instead of it being a legal binding wedding, it’s an expression about two people publicly sharing their love, their promises and how they feel about each other in front of their family and friends.

As your Celebrant I will work with you to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony that deserves the same sense of celebration and dignity that a wedding ceremony provides.

Let's get together and talk, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME.

Elopement Ceremony

Elopement Ceremony

So, you want to break-away from the traditional wedding and all the whooohaaa!!

Just the two of you, simple, stress free, intimate, romantic ceremony, somewhere secluded or at your fav spot!

As your Celebrant guided by my experience, together we will create a unique ceremony with only the two of you and your witnesses - no fuss, in mind!

Let's create an Elopement ceremony together?

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME today - I promise I won't tell anyone!

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Exactly that, married couples renewing their vows, celebrating their married life together in a unique and personal ceremony.

Renewal of vows can be performed together with a special wedding anniversary, celebrating that Silver or Gold, but it’s not a rule, it’s a personal choice! 

There are many reasons why couples wish to renew their vows and whatever the reason is as your Celebrant together we can create that unique and memorable ceremony for you.

Time waits for no-one, CONTACT ME today!

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious ceremony, a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a child or to welcome the addition or adoption of a child into a family or community; and the child may be of any age.

As your Celebrant, I will take care of all the ceremony details and it will be created specifically to you and your child's needs and traditions. Godparents/Mentors/Guardians are chosen who will support you as the parents, to affirm their relationship with your child and to commit to be good role models throughout your child's life.

When creating the ceremony you can include your personal beliefs, readings, family stories, music, rituals and other family members.  Your love and hopes for your child will reflect your family values.

The Naming Certificate for your child (and Godparents/Mentors/Guardians) is also included with the ceremony folder presented to you for your child's keepsake.

Let's get creative together, let's have a chat, CONTACT ME today!