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Hello and Welcome!

Choosing a Celebrant is an important decision and an exciting time in your lives! Thank you, I am delighted for your interest!

I am Mariana Podgorski-Guyett, an authorised Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant appointed by the Attorney-General’s Department based in North-West of Melbourne, however, I do travel distances, including interstate and overseas! I am also a member of The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria Inc.

Warm-hearted, friendly with a good sense of humour, energetic, highly organised professional with a modern approach - and did a mention passionate about what I do! My interests and career experiences are diverse — as a Personal and Executive Assistant; and in the last 10 years my career expanded into Management, Marketing, Events and Conferences and as an Owner of a small online business. Through these experiences I have developed interesting and creative skills - I can confidently say that I know my stuff!

There are only a few occasions in life that are truly significant and meaningful and your wedding, or that amazing milestone, would have to be truly special times that deserve a ceremony as unique as the individuals involved.

As your Celebrant, I will take care of all the details and make sure that all of your visions and dreams are realised and accomplished. You may either choose a simple ceremony or we will work together to create a unique ceremony inspired by your wishes for the day, guided by my experience.

My Role As A Celebrant

I strongly believe that my role as a Celebrant involves more than maintaining a high standard of service in my professional conduct and practice, as required of me as per the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants; it involves performing ceremonies, weddings or otherwise, beyond asking simple questions, completing forms, ticking boxes and following a to-do-list to get it done. As a Celebrant I must recognise and be sensitive to emotions – happy or sad ones; be considerate to personal preferences and styles and continuously build and establish relationships!

What makes me a good Celebrant?

LISTEN to you, to have no prejudices and the ability to understand the importance of your special day; by remembering the special people that mean the most! The impact that I as a Celebrant will have on your ceremony; an enjoyable and memorable occasion, shared with smiles, laughter and many happy tears, is of paramount importance.

It is also important for me to have personal time with my clients as often as possible, because it is during this time that our personal connection will be established, the relationship between you the couple/client and me the Celebrant.

Take time to review my website. You can contact me direct on 0412 796 390 or by completing the online enquiry form here: CONTACT ME.

The Ceremony is about YOU, YOUR love and YOUR family, together let’s make it a story! Let the story be seen through YOUR eyes and told from YOUR heart!

Marriage Equality

YES! Marriage equality in Australia is now law! Today, 7 Dec 2017, Australia can be ever so proud - a massive affirmation! Young, old and everyone in-between Australian's joined together to achieve this historic and momentous event! LGBTI Australians can now be truly seen as they are; equally loving, committed, meaningful and worthy of being recognised to marry.  Today is a day of celebration and let's celebrate your LOVE together, let’s make it a story told from YOUR heart! Contact ME as I am a supporter of the LGBTI community - Love is Love!


Dream Destination Ceremony

Dream destination weddings, commitments & same sex and renewal of vows ceremonies have become ever so popular!

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME I am currently taking bookings for June 2018 and then December 2018 through to January 2019. We can have a chat about the process and why have a dream destination ceremony in Bali.

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Celebrating your life and the life of your loved one and how far you or they have come is important — celebrate you, celebrate your loved one!

Live! Love! Life! Learn! Laugh!